Thats right folks,

Me and my beta testers are working on generic, unified driver for 1-st gen Intel video adapters.
And we are close to finishing it up.

That means:
1. Just install and use – all ATi videocards and Intel HD Graphics and 2000 are supported!
2. No probs with backlight on both cards!
3. Switching cards works everytime you need it!
4. Always Up-to-date settings for both CC’s! No more dependencies of papa Brand!

We ‘ve already put great and hard work in this one. I ‘d like to reassure you, that its working already and just fine but with cosmetic bugs we ‘d like to erase 1st.

 I hope, we are going to release it with 11.10 WHQL if all unpleasant bugs will be eliminated.

And New Gen , i.e. HD 3000, nothing to worry about, there will be support for this as well.
Unification for everyone!

So, folks, get ready for new look of future set. 😉

Really big-big-big thanks for everyone, who supported me and my team all this time.

Stay tuned,

L & Co.