Hi there,

Its been quiet a while, but i wasnt loosing time and i hope that you will find my work useful 🙂


While looking to my branding look, i started to think that its too poor, amateur work. I thought “thats it” and started to literally build brand new look. Also, as needs of my modified drivers started to grown and became more complicated, i ‘ve decided to completely redesign packages, make them with much more user-friendly interface which would look nice and be simple to understand without loosing functionality. 

From now on all my sets are going to be based on this design.

Featuring “DSE” app:

For pretty long time i was getting complains about Ready Driver Plus app, that its slowing down loading of the system, in some cases wount work or its presence just gets people annoyed. 
For me its was barely acceptable solution as well, but at past time it looked the best available.

At some point, i ‘ve decided to discover new way to beat the “modified drivers limitation” on x64 systems, that would be simple, non-time consuming and reliable way to replace RDP.

My search resulted in “DSE” – “Driver Signature Enforcer” – simple application, which will enable installation of modified files* on x64 without affecting performance or exposing itself.
In other words – you wount feel the difference between normal system and system with “DSE” installed.

I want to bring to your attention, that:

1. Featured and all future releases will require “DSE” to be installed 1st in order to function properly.
2. “DSE” has to be run only ONCE in your system.
3. DSE” will not affect installation of official drivers or system performance.

Of course, “DSE” will automatically locate and ask to uninstall RDP before in order to avoid possible ( &impossible ) conflicts. After RDP is gone, you can proceed with installation. Don’t forget to reboot when promted.

Also “DSE” has an ability to run one of my packages after successful installation.

Just put ATI Realtek current set of mine next to “DSE” installer and rename it as “setup.exe” and check the box in “DSE” while installing it.

*signed with test certificate

You can download it from: 4shared (x64).

MultiX ATI Catalyst 11.7:

This set i can proudly call “breakthrough” among of my video sets. Beyond new shining look and new features, it also delivers wide range support for many laptops with Switchable Graphics.

You can read official changelog here ( its also included in package ).

Here is my Tasty Changelog ( as well included in package ):

Updated ATi Graphic Driver ( Catalyst 11.7, ver. 8.872.0.0000 ).

 Updated Intel HD Graphics ( ver. ).

– Added optional ATi HDMI driver. ( ver. ).

Currently, My 11.7 SG Version supports following notebook models:


Hewlett-Packard (HP):
  All dv6t with Switchable Graphics.
  All Envy 14 with Switchable Graphics.




Sony VAIO:

*means that similar models are supported as well, but it needs confirmation.


1. Uninstall your previous drivers via Windows “programs and features”. Reboot.

2. Install DSE. Reboot.

3. Run package. Pick up your notebook model. Install configured drivers. Reboot.

4. Enjoy!

You can download it from: 4shared (x64).

Realtek Audio Driver R2.63:


Finally, Realtek Driver get’s updated. Traditionally, it supports 3 options, which are on the right of this text.
Also, as you can see in this release i ‘ve added latest Realtek HDMI driver.

Here is the Changelog:

 Updated Realtek Driver R2.63 ( ver. ).

– Added Realtek HDMI Driver R2.61 ( ver. ).

 Optional SRS module included ( Recommended for Hi-Quality Speakers ).


1. Delete previous driver ( If you had SRS installed, delete it FIRST ).

2. Start installation of this set.

3. Enjoy!

You can download it from: 4shared (x64).


As i’ve said before, i wasnt loosing time 🙂 All sets being tested myself personally and double tested by my beta tester Prajoth aKa NITRO. Big thx for his neverending enthusiasm and very nice ideas (as giving me an idea to create such thing as “DSE“). 🙂

Enjoy my sets, if you have questions, proposalscommentscritics about my work, if somehow you will spot bugs or similar – please feel free to share it me, fortunately you have a wide range of ways to do it (comment here, twitter, gmail).

If you wish to get your notebook supported as well, you can always fill up this simple form. I will do my best to add it in current set.