Friend of mine staringatstars brought to mine attention interesting topic on Lenovo Forums.

Main Idea of this topic that user claimed that his internal hard drive was working on SATA-I mode, while it was capable of SATA-II mode. This time Lenovo surprised me and gave a solution abnormally fast – short manual how to flash firmware of following affected hard drives:

I was wondering if i was affected too. Of course i was:

SATA transfer rate: 1.5 GB/s which means SATA-I mode. Current firmware: PC3ZC70F.

Lets see what CrystalDiskMark results of my hard drive before flashing:

Ok, lets follow manual.
You can grab “official” Lenovo solution here.


1. Prepare a Lenovo USB disk.
2. Format USB disk by the attachment named as USB-H Boot tool.
3. Unzip the attachment PTB or PTC into the USB disk.
4. Set your SATA Mode to IDE Mode (Non-AHCI mode) in BIOS and save it.
5. Set your system bios set-up to boot from USB
6. USB connects to reboot system

7. Run “DFT32.exe” at DOS Prompt.


1. Prepare Lenovo USB disk. WTF? Ok, maybe its not that important. Plugin Kingston 4GB flash.
2. Format with Lenovo Tool. God DAMN, why everything should be complicated!

What to do? Go and buy Lenovo USB? “After my cold dead body“.

Lets use workaround. If “Lenovo Usb Boot Disk Tool” does not want to help us – “HP USB Format Tool” WILL

Seems this manual should be rewritten:

1. Take any free usb stick.
2. Download this archive.
3. Unpack contents to Desktop–>usbboot folder.
4. Run HPUSBFW.EXE. Pick up your flash, check “quick format”, check “Create A DOS Startup Disk”. Path to dos files: /Desktop/usbboot/dos. Push start.
5. Copy all files from dos folder to usb stick with overwrite. 
6. Unpack contents of PTB.zip/PTC.zip depending on Hard Drive (PTC worked out for me)
7. Done! Now you have ready Usb dos stick with firmware update.
8. You can return to step 4 of lenovo’s manual.

Just follow manual. After you ‘ve done all steps, DONT FORGET to change to AHCI Back, otherwise you will get BSOD.

Okay, time for confirmation and testing:

Nice! SATA transfer rate: 3 Gb/s , which means that my hard drive is now running in SATA-II mode. Also firmware version changed as expected: PC3ZC72F.

But is there any difference? Lets give CrystalDiskMark word. Look picture below:

What do we see? Overall general light speed up with huge performance boost in Seq Write Section.  Additional  ~30 MB/s for 5 minutes of your free time? Why the Hell not!

But of course, choice is always after you.