Lenovo Forum member samformlv released interesting program called Slidenavmedia. Here is the word:

“I was inspired by you posts and created simple application to control media player using SlideNav. It allows to override default behavior of Slide Navigator on some Lenovo notebook models to act as media keys (play/pause, next track, previous track).

Works on Lenovo IdeaPad y560 and should work on y460, y450, y550, y650.

You can go next/previous track using slides and pause/play by tapping on device.

Application is written using c# and .NET 4.0.”

link to thread.
installation: https://sourceforge.net/projects/slidenavmedia/
source code: http://slidenavmedia.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/slidenavmedia/

I recommend to give it a try,

But anyway, Good Job, samformlv, finally, there can be some use from this sensor panel.