Today’s theme is only for x64 users of my drivers and for curious people.

I keep getting lots of messages about not working x64 video & audio drivers. That after installation or rebooting they stop working.

As almost all of my drivers are modified, they loose signed status given by Microsoft.
That’s why I always say to install “Ready Driver Plus” before them and set it up properly, which is always included in packages which require it.

The purpose of installing “Ready Driver Plus” is not “just for fun”. It disables driver signature check which is implemented in Windows 7 x64. Its absolutely necessary for any unsigned drivers to work properly.

So you can’t skip installing “Ready Driver Plus” before driver.
So you can’t uninstall “Ready Driver Plus” after installation of my drivers and expect them to work properly.

Dont like “Ready Driver Plus“?

Fine, here is couple of other solutions.

1. Tap F8 repeatedly until it breaks, then select in the boot menu, disable driver signature enforcement manually every time you boot your Windows 7 x64.

2. Open a command prompt as an administrator and type:

    bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

    bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON

3. Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider 1.3b

Why i picked up “Ready Driver Plus” as main solution? Because i like it 🙂

Stay tuned, as 11.3 with huge bugfix and fresh Intel Drivers is coming very sooon.