Hi again,

I was quick here 🙂
Traditionally, after loooong and hard testing, i can proudly present you my latest State of Art: Catalyst 11.3 with switchable graphics support.
Its natively supports  Lenovo Y560 and Y460 as well.
But it does deliver something more than simple driver updates:
1. Experimental Support for Compal NBLB5, Acer Aspire 7745G.
Before you start installing my set, ensure you have native drivers installed before. As its experimental, please, forward  all found bugs to me.
2. Fixed Brightness control problems.
Yeah, thats right, nothing can stop you now from changing brightness with Windows Power Manager or with Lenovo Power Management.
2 icons together
3. Fixed 2 Tray Icons Problem.
You may noticed that with my earlier releases, especially if to install my sets on clean system, when you switch to Intel graphics, ATi tray icon does not dissapear (see picture). This was fixed and now its autohiding properly.
4. Updated ATi Graphic Driver to 8.831.2 (ver. Catalyst 11.3).
5. Updated  Intel HD Graphics (ver.
Installation Notes:
### start !Only for x64 Systems! start ###
Install Ready Driver Plus (included in package). Configure it to disable “driver signature enforcement”. Read this before.
### start !Only for x64 Systems! end ###
I.   Run unpacker. Configure driver and start installation.
II.  Reboot even if not promted.
III. Enjoy benefits of my new set.
GRAB IT HERE: x86 (4shared)x64 (4shared) .
I hope you will enjoy it, as it took me long time and hours of hard and mostly booring work to complete it. 🙂