I am going to discuss the most troubling problem with Y560. Gradients. Yeah, you know it, you have seen it and with high probability you hate it.

After long and booring discussion with Lenovo staff on Lenovo forums, while they tried to convince users that its their imagination, advising solutions, like “getting back to 16 Bit Colour” or “Disabling Aero (!!!) effect in Windows 7”, silently, they release new BIOS: version 71.

Inspired by faith in better Lenovo, 1st thing to do is check changelog , and thats what we see there:

And 2nd thing you say:”WTF?!” Its like Y560 has no issues except this one? I mean, like almost half a year passed since version 59 and this is the changelog?!

Ok, no panic, maybe they just did not want to disturb the society, to lower their prestige somehow by showing real changelog.

Well, lets install it. Doing reboot, following short manual before flashing. Flashing is successful.All done. Rebooting and…..

BAM! Booting up stucked at Lenovo Logo Screen. F***ing Great. What now?
Switching memory, ejecting battery, holding boot button does not bring back the system on track.


Only way to fix which i figured out is to remove & connect back CMOS battery for couple of minutes to reset BIOS to factory settings. To get to it, you have to disassemble whole (!) notebook as on Y560 there is no other easy way to get to it.

Actually its hard to blame Lenovo for such instability of flashing, i believe its Phoenix Flasher/BIOS problem itself.
The only thing where you can blame Lenovo is for their choice of BIOS provider.

So, finally, system is up and running! I have 11.2 installed. And what do we see?

Technically, nothing changed. Some users claim that “Refreshing Windows  7 performance index” is fixed, but in my opinion it can’t be called even minor problem.

I have AUO40EC LCD panel.On default settings of everything, Gradients are still present.
But old workaround proposed by one of lenovo forum user (which nickname i unfortunalely cannot locate) with modifying ATi CCC color settings DID work out (On 59 it didnt help me at all)!

All you need to do, is, for example, find picture with “clear visible” bad gradiens, like this one:

If you have gradients – you ll see them on marked places. Just push back monitor a bit.
And now, go to CCC2 and set following (or close to it, depending on panel and taste) settings:
Try to keep up! :

After this settings, gradients should gone or at least less visible. 🙂

So, try it, & report back right here.