Its not a secret that new drivers usually fix bugs and video glitches in games & various applications, also delivering speed boost.

As i ‘ve said before, thx to Prajoth aKa NITRO, you can now see short performance comparison between Lenovo 8.752 driver till my latest 11.1a.

All test were done in 3dMark 2006 on Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Maximum Mipmap Detail with following settings:

              3DMark06 Becnchmark Results


NAME                                   DRIVER VERSION                     SCORE

Lenovo’s Latest                           8.752                                7638  

Leshcat’s Catalyst 10.10e            8.782                                7678

Leshcat’s Catalyst 10.12              8.801                                7632

Leshcat’s Catalyst 11.1                8.812                                7746

Leshcat’s Catalyst 11.1a              8.822                                7763

              3DMark06 Becnchmark Results

As you can see from comparison chart, 11.1a is fastest for Y560 with Switchable Graphics, not to mention that it delivers new CCC2 & up-to-date drivers to your system.

UP: And finally i can run KingPin. Works like charm. 😀