Hello All!

Today: While Lenovo “engineers” are busy with doing nothing (yes, i ‘ve said it as i never seen any mutual driver updates since september 2010), after long and careful testing, i can proudly present you my new creation: AMD-ATi 11.1a for Lenovo Y560 with Switchable Graphics support!

Main advantages of this set:

I.   There is no need for Lenovo 8.752 driver to be installed to perform update.

II.  Updated to Latest AMD-ATi Catalyst 11.1a (ver. 8.820.2).

III. CCC2 Online & does not conflict with Intel Graphics.

IV. Updated to Latest WHQL Intel HD Graphics driver (ver.

 The rest you ll find yourself.

Installation Notes:

  ### start !Only for x64 Systems! start ###

Install “Ready Driver Plus” (also included with x64 driver). This application should help you to automate windows booting settings to “disable driver signature enforcement” forever.

   ### end !Only for x64 Systems! end ###

1. Delete previous driver via Windows Control Panel. Reboot.

### start !Strongly recommended! start ###

2. Find on Web and install “Driver Sweeper” (Latest version on 4.02.11 – 2.8.5) application.

3. Reboot in Safe Mode. Clean remains of old ATi driver with “Driver Sweeper”.

 ###end !Strongly recommended! end ###

4. Boot in normal mode.

5. Reboot again when system is fully loaded (Just in case).

6. Start installation of 11.1a. Reboot even if not promted.

7. Enjoy your new ATi CCC2 with lots of new features and fresh Intel Driver.

Thank you to everyone for participating in testing and revealing mistakes in BETA builds.

Also, i wish to say special thanks to Prajoth aKa NITRO for being with me from the beginning of this long and hard journey of creation This driver as x64 Tester & for his neverending enthusiasm.

And thx to him, soon you ‘ll probably see short performance comparison chart of Latest Lenovo Drivers (8.752) and all my past sets.

GRAB IT HERE: x86 (4shared), x64 (4shared) .

NOTE: Even if this set is designed for Y560, there is a high probability that it will work on Y460 Model too.