Finally 2.56 set came out and i have decided to update SRS set. But there was also PC Beep set to be updated.

Well, in my opinion to make 2 different sets is a waste of megabytes.

So, i have decided to make multi3 (3 in 1) driver set, where You can decide which specific set you need.

pic №1

Here are the variants (picture №1):
1. SRS Control Panel with PC Beep fix.

This variant will create ,you will never guess, Realtek R2.56 driver with SRS CP and PC Beep fix.

SRS panel has been updated and on Lenovo Models will behave as native (thx to Leno…, nah , thx to Samsung set of drivers),  you can see proof on picture №2.

pic №2

2. PC Beep fix with realtek standard driver settings.

Well, everything is clear here. You ll get Realtek official driver with PC Beep Fix. It will behave as standard installation.

3. Realtek standard driver installation.

No comment.

Please note, that you can pick up one customization at a time. So, if you suddenly realized that you want different set:
 – delete already customized sources
 – unpack the archive again
 – pick another option you prefer.

This set is compatible with any existing  realtek chip, it means it will install on any notebook/desktop with realtek chip on board, but you may loose your customization provided by your manufacturer. Of course, Y560 (and probably Y460) original configuration was preserved and you will not loose anything.

GRAB IT HERE: x64 and x86 in one package (4shared)
                          x64 and x86 in one package (rapidshare)