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Sometimes users, especially notebook users can hear some quiet sound distortions, which are extremely annoying ( imagine all this “beep, beep, phshshhs, hpshs, grrr” all the time ), you can distinguish them better on Hi-Quality earphones and Ext Speakers. I call it “static noise“.

At the end it became so annoying that i started investigate this issue. Of course, help was asked on Lenovo forums, but no solution came up.

After long days of experimenting and investigating, finally, i got some clues.
The problem was PC Beep” Function in Speaker Properties. Look the picture №1. Once you mute it – “static noise” goes away.

Pic №2

And here comes the fun part. On latest Lenovo drivers (for Y560 model at least) you dont see “PC Beep“. Same story on OEM Realtek drivers. The only picture you see is picture №2 while listening “symphony of noises”.

Looks like, its all started from R2.29 release. In quiet old Lenovo driver i found interesting build log, witch sais next:
The history of modifications :
 Disable the PCBeep for Realtek audio.

Yeah, it seems they just hide the option, not really disabling it.
If you install Realtek’s OEM R2.29 “PC Beep” option comes back. But starting from OEM R2.30 – its gone.

I was hoping its just an “inf config” case, but after couple of experiments this idea proved to be wrong.
It was in realtek system files. I might be wrong, but from my analysis, excluding them one by one i came to most disheartening conclusion – config is (or was?) written in Rtkvhda.sys – the Heart of Realtek Driver.
You can’t just open it as inf file, edit etc, its raw binary. Its has to be disassembled, analyzed and then patched…


You can use config workaround left by Realtek Developers itself (i believe so), which i implemented in this set of drivers.

My set is based on official OEM Realtek Driver R2.55. For Windows 7 only, includes x64 & x86 version of drivers, plus HDMI install. “PC Beep” Function will be visible and already muted.

Since there was no modification to inf configs, drivers are still officially signed and will not ask you anything ( like standard official install ).

Its compatible with any existing model of Realtek Chip, but you may loose your functionality provided by your manufacturer. Of course, Y560 original configuration was preserved and you will not loose anything.

Static noise” is history.

GRAB IT HERE: x64 and x86 in one package (4shared)