Recently,i was trying to install the Mac OS X system on Lenovo Y560. After couple of failures with Hackintosh Systems, i ‘ve decided to use Mac OS 10.6.3 Retail DVD with EasyEFI.
And finally – success!
Of course, there must be special conditions : harddrive with GPT, non-switchable graphics in BIOS, enabled AHCI.

Although, its completely blank system with no video/audio/network support.

But still, the main idea is  – installation of Mac OS X on Lenovo Y560 is  possible. To activate the rest (drivers mostly) – is the question of some time.

Sorry, for crappy image, best i ve got so far.

Stay tuned.
Up.1: Sound Online.
Up.2: Wifi Atheros 9285 Online.
Up.3: Battery Status Online.