Hi once again.


Browsing around Synaptics Driver i found that latest releases have nice features like advanced “Three Finger Horizontal/Vertical Flick” and “Three Fingers Down” option.

Especially the last option is very useful, as you just put 3 fingers on touchpad and any program you define will be launched . It can be your player, game, or task manager (in my case).

And, of course, Lenovo Official Driver has no such nice option.

Well, if you expect Lenovo to update Synaptics Touchpad Driver you must be Real optimist, since they can’t handle updating Video Driver nor BIOS for months already (not for fun, but for necessity, as Y560 has couple really disturbing problems).

Someone could ask, what’s the problem? Install latest Synaptics Drivers and Topic Closed.

Hehe. Here is the problem. Synaptics driver is paired with so called Lenovo invention “SlideNav”. Its sensor panel for fast call apps (idea is good, but implementation is poor, if you ask me).

So there are 2 options:
1. By installing latest Synaptics driver you get mentioned features but loose Slidenav.
2. Use my method to get them both working.
    (No Installation is needed)

Unlocked Features

The trick is that Lenovo’s driver actually already have this features but for some reasons they are hidden.

The following package is going restore this injustice. Use it only with Standard Lenovo Driver. Unpack the Archive and follow instructions. Should work on both x86 & x64 Win7 Systems. (On x64 never tested).

GRAB IT HERE: x64 and x86 in one package (4shared)

After implementing you get all mentioned features and working “Slidenav”.