Hello. Today:

As usual, its all about users which are unhappy. And when users are unhappy they separate in 2 groups: 1 st is just giving up and lives with it. And 2 – starts to Fight.

Its all started with FN and CTRL keys position on keyboard. To the one, who is using normal desktop layout, notebook keyboard layout is very annoying for obvious reasons (copy,paste,crouch in games etc).

Here is what a Lenovo forum member Meetloaf13 wrote:

“After a lot of complaints/suggestions, it all started here when Design Matters posted a poll:


Then a follow up to the poll, where Lenovo states they are considering a BIOS switch option:


Then finally, Lenovo decided that the overwhelming support for a switch option had enough merit to implement the fix in an updated BIOS:


Seems like a win for couple Thinkpad systems.

The result is this picture on the right: small but yet powerful menu in BIOS.

I also rephrase his next words:

There is already a one-man (middleton), independent party that has come out with modded-BIOS‘ for many Lenovo (including Ideapad) models. If one guy, who isn’t getting paid for it can accomplish this in his free time, we are sure that Lenovo can put together an official solution with some relative ease, ESPECIALLY since they have already done so for some Lenovo Models.

BUT, There is a big problem with this unofficial BIOS updates. I ‘ll just quote the words of Lenovo forum community moderator yigit: “warning: use it on your own risk, flashing unofficial BIOS update will void your warranty.”

Still, this updates are proving one thing – its entirely possible.

So why the hell not to include this option from the Beginning on official level? Its a great mystery for all of us.

Therefore, another Lenovo forum memeber pepemosca (correct me if i am mistaken) creates the Petition, which in future may help to resolve this issue: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/lenovoideapadfnctrl/.

So, everyone who has 3 min of free time and involved in this issue – please, follow the link and sign up. 😉

And for now,while you break your fingers trying to crouch in your favorite game on Ideapad notebook, I advice you to do as Lenovo forum community moderator yigit proposed: “why don’t you give yourself some time to get used to it?”.


* PC Game Postal 2